Trung tâm báo động không dây KS-258B


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- Kèm 2 Remote điều khiển từ xa
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KS-258 Series 8-zone Telephone Alarm System adopts microprocessor as control core,
and it can work with wireless remote controllers and all kinds of wireless PIR
detectors. It characteristics of many functions, such as anti-theft, anti-rob,
anti-fire, emergency ask for help and so on. It reports alarm message to users and
network manage center by dialing telephone number preset when alarming. It also
can be armed/disarmed remotely. And wireless siren can be linkage to make alarm
sound when alarming. We believe that humanly design and reasonable price will
satisfied with you, therefore, it is very suitable to be widely used in family,
shop and so on.
Main Function And Characteristics
1. Compatible with ADEMCO CONTACT ID networking form (only KS-258B has this function).
2. 24 wireless detectors and 8 remote controllers can be learned, and it learns code
automatically and wirelessly.
3. At home mode and away home mode are optional, and the zone type is modifiable.
4. It stands for wireless siren (only KS-258B has this function)
5. Remotely Operation: It can be armed/disarmed remotely by entering code through
fix telephone or mobile phone (Only KS-258B has this function).
6. It indicates by sound and light when power lower of main unit or detector, and
dials telephone number preset at the same time.
7. It rushes to inform you the alarm message by cutting your speaking on the telephone,
and then recovers automatically.
8. 8 groups of telephone numbers can be set, and the type of each group is modifiable.
9. 4 levels of alarm volume are adjustable, and it also can be set to be mute.
10. When networking, the message of main unit (such as arm/disarm, power lower and
so on) can be reported to manage center, (only KS-258B has this function).
11. Usually, the backup battery charges automatically, and it automatically switches
between AC and battery power.
12. The alarm information can be recorded and can’ be

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13. Delay arm time, delay alarm time are modifiable.
14. It will indicate when telephone line cut-off or open circuit
15. All the settings are stored and won’ lose even if power down.

Thông tin thêm
Điện áp: 220VAC (+-15%).
Pin dự phòng: AAA 1300mAh 1.2V Nickel
Tần số Wireless: 433.92MHZ
Âm thanh báo động: 80dB tại khoảng cách 1m
Nhiệt độ, độ ẩm hoặt động: 0-55C, 40-70%

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